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At the start of glory road your the furthest from the glory,
so here we go
this is the message of my story
a little white boy comes from the burbs
his hearts hurt cuz no one takes in a line of his words
No matter whats had to happen
they taken a blinds
rich kids spoiled with crack, thinking they sick with their lines
intertwined in the melody
underlies, the truth gets crazy when he spits his words to the mic in the booth
keep it loose, never gets his feelings uptight
keeps upright when dawn kicks in after the night
nothing to change his mind or alter his perception
his recollection of the world is stuck in the damn section
of the music that is useless, he'll never get to use it
he could transform it into hits, that would never be confused with, no don't lose it man you better not lose it
but he's taking his songs right back so he can abuse it

he said we don't know how to move it
cuz i'm a black kid and i'm trying to make music
hip hops dead, but we gotta keep it moving
cuz we sick, we going show you how we do it
he said we don't know how to move it
cuz i'm a white kid and i'm stuck in the movement
hip hops dead, but we gotta keep it moving
cuz we sick and we going show you how we do it

we get five years back
with his wack rap
and his backpack
pickin up slack
trying to make cash
you all put him down, told him he wouldn't make it
but now he's walking on glory road and he's descended for greatness
pain requires patients, so i'm taking over places
everybody see my face
its a risk that im a take
can't afford to make mistakes
their's nothing to take back
so I look him in the eyes
LED give him your rap

Cat fat bat we going split crack rap chat while sipping on yat turn around thats his first rap, started with nursery rhymes, and then learned to control them grasped closely and don't show them
glory this is my story
we're from the streets of cali to the burbs
which is boring and now i'm touring
we're in superstartem
down to the low rider
eclypse entertainment was on the newsider



from Ten Past - EP (Available for Download at MIDNIGHT), released September 6, 2010



all rights reserved


The Band Eclypse Scarsdale, New York

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